Circle Bros is in fact a one-man band. Wim does everything, which started late 1997 as a bedroom project. He has released a handful of full length tapes and eps on morc, as well as a split 12" with zent one, a collaboration with karina esp and a bunch of compilation appearances.

after moving back to belgium in 2006, circle brothers became circle bros. wim started doing more song-based improvisations, or more likely, improvising songs - think of likeminded artists as mick turner, roy montgomery, pefkin, grouper or even castanets.

however, the output stayed as low/slow as in the circle brother days. there was one tape-ep on morc, and a collab with old friends karina esp and drekka.

a few releases were piling up, and that results in a string of new releases in 2010 - a 3" on the bluesanct sublabel orphanology, and the lp 'haven' on morc.

Annelies Monseré/circle bros: "split 7" "
7" - released nov 20th 2012

Annelies and Wim have been living together for about 10 years. From the moment they moved in together they became a big indirect influence on
each others work. In Annelies’ case, this resulted in the use of more effects and writing guitar-based songs. Whereas Circle Bros drifted away from being a guitar-oriented drone entity. Listeners who pay attention will hear plenty of similarities .

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-> annelies monseré page

Circle bros - "haven"
12" lp - released may 25th 2010

years passed since the last full length - and circle bros turned from a pure ambient-esque unit into a more song-oriented unit; expect adventurous singer-songimprovisation, for fans of eg castanets, grouper or richard youngs.

12 euro / + 16 usd

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-> mp3: unlikely

karina esp/circle bros/drekka: "hibernation"
10 " - released november 2008

the result of a long recording session one winter evening, edited to fiton one single 10". hibernation is the sound of three similar acts from over the globe, putting their sounds together before taking another long break.

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-> mp3: 278a (2'10)
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-> drekka bandpage

Circle Bros: "The dream ends when the phone rings"
tape - released november 2006

probably the last instrumental release by this singer-improviser. might be of interest for fans of azusa plane, windy and carl, growing, drekka, karina esp and roy montgomery.

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-> mp3: hoei (6'09)

Circle Brothers/karina esp: "Karina ESP/Circle brothers"
10 " - released may 2004

the result of a postal collaboration of these two youngsters from belgium and the uk. the result will appeal fans of azusa plane, windy and carl and clear horizon - clear vinyl, in a unique packaging

sold out

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-> mp3: In memory (4'14)
-> Karina ESP website

Zent one/ Circle Brothers " split LP"
12" LP - released may 2002

These two morc bands wrote their best songs yet to put on this split lp.This album is the perfection of both bands' sounds.

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-> mp3: this time (1'18)
-> Zent one website

v.a.: "Card-carrying supporters of romance"
cd- released june 2001

Excellent cd-compilation that brings together the likes of appendix out, sodastream, a boy named thor, fuck, jen turrell, rabbit in red, pernath, bingo trappers, minmae and lots of other romantics

10 € / + 15$

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Circle Brothers: "Bitter dream"
tape - released september 2000

Fourth full-length tape of the one-man post-rock project. Less improvisation than on his other releases.

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you'll be missed
3" cdr
orphanology 00c

songs from an old harbour cdr
evelyn records ever 23

Never thought of her afterwards' tape

weemoed met verbrand konijn tape
also feat. moysk, kemialliset ystavat, fursaxa, christina carter... imvated 02

'we are not alone vol 3 tape
also feat. aether flux, tea, don campau, michael j hex, hazel bionic...
best kept secret 24

'Bad Machines' cdr
also feat. opaque, birdhouse, pope john paul the third, simon wrest...
Sally and Kev records 08

'100 % Redneck'
also feat. ceramic hobs, kitchen cynics, mjb, third lung, ray carmen...
Kaw records 50