released late may 2002

track listing

zent one

circle brothers

dressed in lies
falling lights
long island
how it disappeared

no afternoon paper
dolly my dear
when you sleep
in case you have breakfast
this time
it took me a year

The first morc 12" brings you the finest recordings by both zent one and circle brothers yet. it is a split release with the italian label almost halloween.

Zent one brings their sound very close to perfection: better melodies, a tighter songs, a more coherent collection of songs, all with piano and guitar, and one has a beautiful vocal part as well.  The proof that zent one is a very talented band.

Circle brothers is also a lot tighter than on the previous output. songs are more controlled than ever, which results in a sound more leaning towards roy montgommery. 

'Long island' (3'55) and ' This time' (1'18) can be downloaded. both files are in mp3 size.

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