last update: october 22nd 2013

We're happy to present you Faroe Islands, a new 10" by wouter van veldhoven - a new name on morc, though he's been around for quite some time.
With a preference for old and cheap equipment, Wouter van Veldhoven is quite a unique person in today's electronic music. For his recordings, he heavily relies on the sounds, including the defects, of old taperecorders, toy instruments and homemade cassette driven synths. So, no laptops in Wouter's work. He rather uses a mechanical approach to construction music of an ambient nature. The hiss and the wobbly sounds are just one aspect of his music though. There's plenty of melody underneath it all.
Faroe Islands is inspired by a trip that wouter did to these islands... by accident. full story on the release page.
this is wouters first solorelease on vinyl. though techically it's a lathe cut - which means every single record has been hand cut on beautiful and great sounding clear plastic in New Zealand by Peter King. edition of just 70 copies, with a download coupon, and it's yours for just 15 euro + shipping. get in touch..
it's been a while since we last made a label sampler. so we have a new one up on our bandcamp page. the fun thing about this one is: it's been curated by jessica bailiff, karina esp and edgar wappenhalter. download only (it's a sampler, after all) and pay-what-you-like (yes, 0 euro is fine too) if you'd like something physical to celebrate this release: we have some t-shirts up on that page too (yes, our very first ones)
jessica bailiff and boduf songs did a joint european tour earlier this year. to celebrate this,we released a split 7". both artist rework one of the finest songs from their recent backcatalogue. just as on the tour, boduf songs brings a stripped down version of decapitation blues. jessica bailiff toured as a loud threepiece, but here she deliveres a remarkable version of lakeside blues, focussed on organ. two epic pieces, that fit well in their impressive discographies.
this record comes in a full colour sleeve, with download code, and is limited to a one time pressing of 200 copies. it can be yours for just 6 euro.
after a long silence, we can welcome back Bingo Trappers; the legendary lofi duo from Amsterdam. With their unique psychedelic tinged garage-pop tunes, and records on labels like shrimper and animal world they gathered quite a cult following. they still offer the most delicious druggy pop songs, harmonies, riffs, choruses and bridges, harmonicas and pedal steel, with The Byrds, Dylan and Young as their gurus. the LP Sister Planet is their first release on morc in ten years. and it's a great one; This is a limited edition of only 150 LP's, beautifully screenprinted by Smeraldina-Rima, and with liner notes by Simon Joyner. comes with a download coupon, for a cheap price of 12 euro (+shipping)
pretty long overdue, but held a small release party for the the Lichens lp "lítiõ fólk'. that one came out in november 2012, and was sold out for a while. in the meantime, we did a small repress of another 150 copies. on this album, Robert Lowe (of Om, 90 day men) focuses on his distinct voice. For the most part of the album, you’ll hear nothing but his wordless vocals – some parts melodic, some droning, some pulsating, but at all times enchanting. impressive from the very first to the very last notes.

and we're running low on copies of all these other titles we put out the past year. really: we only have about 20-30 copies left of each:

Félicia Atkinson: "summer eyes'(onesided lp - 10 euro)
Summer Eyes is a bit lighter than Felicia’s most recent output. The first track starts out with a very recognizable keyboard melody, but slowly turns into a powerful yet friendly sounding drone, with all the elements from the very start still recognizable in there. The second song is an instrumental –to her standards- popsong.

Annelies Monseré/Circle bros: "split ep" (7" - 6 euro)
Annelies and Wim have been living together for about 10 years. From the moment they moved in together they became a big indirect influence on
each others work. In Annelies’ case, this resulted in the use of more effects and writing guitar-based songs. Whereas Circle Bros drifted away from being a guitar-oriented drone entity. Listeners who pay attention will hear plenty of similarities .

Annelies Monseré : Nest(10" - 10 euro)
on this ep, Annelies brings together her stark pianosound and her loude, built up songs. this is perfectly illustrated in her two versions of 'all things are quite silent'. 5 songs, over 23 minutes in total. to top it off: steve marreyt of edgar wappenhalter sings along!

visit the catalog page and now we're at at it: there's not a single release of which we have more than 50 copies left in stock. of these titles we only have less than 10 copies left

- morc 28: fields of gaffney/Pernath: split ep (7")
- morc 58: urpf lanze/Edgar Wappenhalte/hellvete: tour ep (cd)
superb mix of high quality adventurous pop, drones and farout-singer songwriters
- morc 54: circle bros: haven (lp) partially improvised songs - drones thrown into pop and folkstructures

so what is coming up after all this? a very brief overview:

- an lp by karina esp
- an lp by iditarod
- more surprises!

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