Peep is formed in January 1996 by Martijn Grooten (percussion), Joost Varkevisser (guitar, vocal) and Ferdinand Buitenhuis (guitar). among their previous bands were Lemonade Lucy,  in the same year, the band recorded a handfull of songs. Two of them were released. Sunglasses appeared on a Studio Muscle compilation tape, Pictures appeard on the Lower compilation Waffles and Windmills.

After one and a half years, Peep reunites to record new material and a concert in may 1998. In spite of the reunion, Martijn decided to leave the band. Joost and Ferdinand carry on together. Late 1998, Joost Oskamp joins Peep. With the new drummer, the musical sketches became real popsongs. 

some of their more recent output is released  as a split tape with their friends of psychon mist., with whose frontman Larz Ferdinand ended up in class with - (and was in a short-lived band called thee big nova's, but that's a whole different story)

Peep / Psychon mist: "Fompas"
tape - released may 2001

this is what happens when you put a psychedelic and a poppy dutch band together: you end up with a nice combination.

3€ / + 5$

-> klick on cover (or here) for details and two tracks
-> mp3: pop song (2'00)
-> Psychon mist website

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'Waffles and Windmills tape also feat.. Wio,  larz, osmose, Bingo trappers, Ed Nolbed, Tin foil star ...
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The belgian compilation CD-R
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