This lo-fi popband was formed in the beginning of 1998, named after the Flemish poet Hugues C. Pernath (see picture) That sounds more realistic than the theory that they're called after the village of Ternat, whilst being lost on a trip through Brabant.

The band has two members: Wim Lecluyse (guitar+vocals) and Karel Geldhof (drums and vocals) They both play(ed) in lots of bands: Lepra,†Circle brothers, Dissidence... Their sound is often compared to Guided By voices, Folk Implosion, DaniŽl Johnston, Dinosaur Jr. and Swearing at Motorists. Lo-fi, sans quoi.

They released heir debut tape in March. 2000 It is a split tape with Richie Cunningham (UK). It is the first tape in the ' soup versus potatoes'-series. They also appear on the CD 'card-carrying supporters of romance' with an exclusive track called Elnik. The Japanes label Galaxy train†released the compilation galaxy summer, which also features a pernath track.†

And then, it came a bit quiet: Karel moved to spain, Wim moved to holland. Still, the band put out a split single with the amazing Bingo trappers, mongrell and wio, probably the best lofi acts from belgium and holland. yes, you know you want it.... The split single with Fields of Gaffney (new band of sebadoh-founder Eric Gaffney) was released in february 2004 - two new pernath gems, two amazing fields of gaffney tracks.

Fields of Gaffney / Pernath: "split single"
7 " ep - released february 2004

four new songs bringing the lofi-era back to life. Fields of gaffney is the new band of Eric gaffney, co-founder of sebadoh. though his releases over the past ten years have been very rare, he has lost nothing of his songwriting talents: these songs can easily stand the comparison with the songs he wrote for the critically acclaimed albums 'III' and 'bubble and scrape'. this is his first single since his contribution to sub pop's singles club in 2000.

Two new Pernath-hits as well. songs about mad cows and saying goodbye in spanish - for fans of swearing at motorists. a welcome follow-up to their split single with bingo trappers,wio and mongrell

6€/ + 8$

-> klick on cover for details two song samples
-> mp3 sample: situations (30 secs sample)
-> fields of gaffney website

Bingo Trappers/Mongrell/Pernath/Wio: " Split EP"
7" EP - released may 2002

One of those oldfashioned four bands split, gathering the finest lofi-acts from belgium and holland. No doubt that this is one of the most precious morc-releases thusfar.

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-> mp3 sample: ginger and lime (30 secs sample)
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v.a.: "Card-carrying supporters of romance"
cd- released june 2001

Excellent cd-compilation that brings together the likes of appendix out, sodastream, a boy named thor, fuck, jen turrell, rabbit in red, pernath, bingo trappers, minmae and lots of other romantics

10 € / + 15$

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v.a. "A morc compilation"
tape - released april 2000

13 bands, 18 tracks, 60 minutes of noise, lo-fi pop and post-rock

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Pernath / Richie Cunningham: " Soup vs. potatoes series vol.1"
tape - released february 2000

this is part one in the 'soup versus potatoes'-series. both bands play 23 minutes of lo-fi poptunes by one newcomer (pernath), one veteran (Richie Cunningham)

4€ / + 5$

-> klick on cover for details and two tracks
-> mp3: Snaus (3'14)
-> richie cunningham website

'Galaxy beach' tape
also feat. apartment star, the snow fairies, galactic heroes, oval teen, strawberry land, mushroom cloud, fastcar...  
galaxy train

'colliding with the zeitgeist' also feat. chowpilot, treho's blues, ruth sherbourne, opaque, prethead...
kaw records 66

official website