Started as a twopiece in autumn 2000, the band quickly growed into a collective exploring sound in pride of 'free-music'. By bringing together a bunch of friends, musicians as well as non-musicians, R.O.T. took the shape of a mainly acoustic bigband introducing a lot of different sound sources (guitars, organs, wind instruments, percussion, objects, modified electronics, tapes etc...).

Whereas R.O.T initially was mostly seen as a side project of the now defunct toss (remember their contribution on the first morc-comp?), today R.O.T. has become more of a regular band around core members Laurent Cartuyvels (Toss), Bram Borloo (Moysk, parktldog), Benjamin Franklin (Buffle), Floris Vanhoof (Dirk Freenoise) andChristophe Piette (Ysengrinus)

However, the bands recordings are still mostly jams, sometimes recorded in the middle of the night on an old farm in south-belgium, (like the 'avioth' 12") at other times during a live-show - like the 'des lands' ep.

R.O.T.: "Ceci n'est plus avioth/ils chantent pour vous'
onesided lp - released march 17th 2008

the most minimal work of this acoustic noise bigband thusfar. two long tracks of slightly melodic analog sounds. comes in a beautiful silkscreened sleeve.

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R.O.T.: "Des Lands"
8 " lathe cut - released june 2005

first vinyl release of this belgian all-star freenoise bigband. recorded live in a squat in amsterdam. if there's something like quiet noise, this comes pretty close.

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l'ecurie - lp
(k-raa-k)3 k051

hougebraajt - cdr
foxglove 073

R.O.T.2. - cdr
veglia 10

et erir - cdr
veglia 02

grootkloosterfeest - cdr
split with Moysk+ Chimuser+Soft Cushions veglia

'profytige maniere'- cdr
split ep with murmansk

schansspelen - 3"cdr
imvated 12

#1 4x c-16
also feat. coarsbangor, groote, parktldog...
veglia 25

xxx-mas / tanneur 30-12-‘00 - cdr
also feat. alfa, picturesque, fart fwd and muisc

split cd
also feat. Ashtray Navigations, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Toss
veglia 01