The title is derived from the flemish expression 'tussen de soepe en de patatten', what means 'fast, without looking for detail.' this is a brand new serie from morc records. In this series two lo-fi acts take one side of a tape for them.

The idea is to create a collaboration between two bands, who are in some sort of way different. but the collaboration has to make sense, and the whole has to be more than two EP's put together on one tape. and that is the cliché about lo-fi. that's why the series is NOT called 'soup 'AND' potatoes' but 'VERSUS'.

klick here for details and tracksThe first part of the series is already out since april 2000:
/Richie Cunningham split tape (Morc 09/Kaw 55)
Electric versus acoustic lo-fi

klick here for details and tracksthe second one was released a year later. It's a split tape of  Bingo trappers (Holland, with releases on shrimper and sing eunuchs!) and Las moscas (Japan) Past, present and future of the lofi on one tape...

klick here for details and tracks number 3 came out after a longer tape: on february 29th 2004 (the first leapday during the existence of morc!) Celesteville is jake who is also known form bands like yak brigade, luv(sic) minmae, gang wizard, raunchy young lepers and as a the head of tapemountain records. John Merrick band is a dutchman that moved to ghent. We understand!

coming after this: a tape by dropout patrol and who knows what more? can you believe it?

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