the puddle parade: [thuh puhd-l puh-reyd]
1. imaginary children's game. while walking on the street after a summer rain, you have to make sure to step on either only puddles or no puddles at all.
2. one-girl band, bringing frail lullabies with vague melodies and distorted, fading voices a minimalistic crackling toy orchestra in slow motion. member: ellen evers. tools: guitar, voice, melodica alto, melodica soprano, music boxes, children's accordion, tooth brush, analog 4-track recorder, distortion pedals, loop station, xylophon, zither, dictaphone, and many more stuff. worked with: annelies monseré, tara jane o'neil and machinefabriek… in one way or another. born and raised in: eastern germany, and with good childhood memories in mind. moved to: utrecht, the netherlands about 6 years ago.

origami: [or-?-gä-mé]
1. the Japanese art or process of folding squares of paper into representational shapes
2. the debut album of the puddle parade. 35 minutes of very minimal, hissy and adventurous popsongs. Influences ranging from experimental analog electronics to mid-nineties lofi. Melodic sound-sketches put together as an audio-notebook. the sounds of birds whistling translated via instruments and vocals. pressed on cd, housed in a brown cardboard packaging, with lovely two-colour silkscreened print.

cd - released may 25th 2009

a surprising CD by a German musician living in Utrecht, containing 35 minutes of very minimal, hissy and adventurous popsongs. Her influences range from experimental analogue electronics to mid-nineties lo-fi, with melodic sound-sketches put together as an audio-notebook.

10 € / + 13 us$

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-> mp3: Claim (5'44)

seven stories - tape
delirious riot

waking you up is hard to do -tape
ugly dog

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rotatable quiche statehouse abraded cdr
also feat. southpaw, manipulator alligator and but his hands were tiny and so she said.
bsbta sub 22

blow your own melodico cdr
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bsbta 95

postcards cdr
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lvr 29 / ugly dog

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