Zent one started as the solo project of Olivier Driessens. His career started in the avantgarde combo's Geiger counter, Lichen and the more infamous Karate kit, . Zent one proves that he is more than a guitar torturer. He can do a lot better. In what started as his solo-project, he represses his love for the distortion, and expresses his feelings for soft guitartunes.

After a while Annelies joined him on cello and piano, which gives Zent one a more classical touch Think of Low without the bass, Rachels as a duo, instrumental Black heart procession, Rodan without the hardcore or Aerial M By the end of 2000, they released their first full length tape, Mummer. Definately one of the morc must-haves. other songs appeared on various compilations on morc, kaw and fsafa. The band also did a few concerts with the likes of 1m54, movietone, crescent, wio, tara jane o'neill, circle brothers, hood...

While working on new zent one songs, annelies also released a tape on the italian label almost halloween, on which you can also admire her talents as a vocalist. Early 2002, the band did some more recordings. these new tracks have been put out as a split 12" with circle brothers!.This release is a perfection of the Zent one sound: better melodies, a tighter songs, a more coherent collection of songs, all with piano and guitar, and one has a beautiful vocal part as well. The split LP proves that Zent one is a very talented band.

Zent one/ Circle Brothers " split LP"
12" LP - released may 2002

These two morc bands wrote their best songs yet to put on this split lp.This album is the perfection of both bands' sounds.

12 €/ + 17 $

-> klick on cover for details and two tracks
-> mp3: long island (3'55)
-> Circle Brothers website

v.a.: "Card-carrying supporters of romance"
cd- released june 2001

Excellent cd-compilation that brings together the likes of appendix out, sodastream, a boy named thor, fuck, jen turrell, rabbit in red, pernath, bingo trappers, minmae and lots of other romantics

10 € / + 15$

-> klick on cover for details and a few tracks
-> band info

Zent one: "Mummer"
tape- released december 2000

Debut tape of this stunning guitar/ piano/ cello duo. stylish quiet instrumentals. beautiful handmade covers too! essential.

3€ / + 5$

-> klick on cover for details and a track
-> mp3: blue light (2'22)

v.a. "A morc compilation"
tape - released april 2000

13 bands, 18 tracks, 60 minutes of noise, lo-fi pop and post-rock

-> sold out
-> klick on cover for details
-> band info

roadkill fanzine cdr
also feat. billy mahonie, dakota suite, laeto, the cost of living and evil robot
road kill#2

'fsafa vol 4' cd
also feat. de portables, 1m54, jupitter goes quattrocento, andré...
fsafa festival sampler #4

'colliding with the zeitgeist' includes 'untitled n1 & 2' other bands are pernath, chowpilot, treho's blues, ruth sherbourne, opaque, prethead...
kaw records 66

annelies monseré page

zent one on myspace