Released april 15 2008
All instruments: jessica bailiff & annelies monseré
recorded in Ghent, october 2007

Annelies and Jessica met back in 2002, during Jessica’s first European tour. They’ve been frequently doing shows together since 2005. On stage they often played on each others sets, but recording together didn’t happen until they did a duo-tour in October 2007. On this occasion, they totally reworked two rare tracks of Jessica, and two at that point yet unreleased songs by Annelies, that ended up on her second album Marit in different versions.

Although it’s just the two of them, this ep has a very built-up sound, which is reminiscent of Jessica’s earliest output and Annelies’ most recent live shows. Vocals, guitars and cello- and keyboard drones get a very prominent role on these recordings, which were made entirely in the analog domain.

The ep is limited to 310, and comes in a mini-lp jacket. All copies are hand-numbered and have handwritten linernotes by Annelies.

track listing:
common ground
let time breathe
like yesterday

You can download an mp3 of common ground (2'27) by clicking on the title.

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