In6 is a sideproject of the belgian wonderchild wio, who already released two albums on (k-raa-k) records. in6 made a track which will particulary be enjoyed by dogs. short, very quiet, but i can assure you it's a very romantic popsong. 

Jen Turrell is probably the most talked about girl in the philladelphia  indiepopscene. she also is a member of rabbit in red (also on this compilaiton) and boyracer, and recorded some tracks  under her own name, accompanied by family and friends. On "Annelies' room", Jens  beautiful voice is accompagnied by a harp and cello. some of the most amazing dreampop we've ever heard round here e-mail 

The track by Appendix out is definately the most poppy song we ever heard from the band. on 'I feel like an elf' Alasdair Roberts seems to be particulary happy, and it seems he wants to celbrate this with a more uptempo track. very different from the rest of the impressive Appendix out catalog (that has releases on labels as drag city, palace records or secretly canadian), but still typical Appendix out. You'll love them even more after hearing this song....

The belgian lofi duo Pernath also contributed one of their happier songs. The band seems to move away more from their original influences like folk implosion, and comes up with a more shoegazing alike track. e-mail homepage

From down under, we have  Sodastream  on this cd-compilation. the band is known from their EP's and albums on labels as tugboat and hausmusik. very nice songwriting. Sunday best is taken from their ultra-rare debut EP. It is very hard not to think of Nick Drake or Belle and Sebastian when hearing this track. The band is a regular at the John Peel show, and at the VPRO-radio.  e-mail homepage

H.A.R.M. comes up with a casiocore track. The band has amassed 12+ small keyboards, most of them mid-1980's casios in the sk and mt series. very nice melodies, straight out of pittsburgh.

Another veteran of the shrimper-scene Will Simmons The man just doesnt seem to slow down his output,and the most exciting thing is that also his quality stays just as good. This is also a keyboard oriented track, which proves that mr. simmons is more than a guitar-man (in case you doubted this) e-mail homepage

the 100 lists is another pseudonym of Eleanor Whitney the ex-frontlady of liggie wog. The girl behind octopus head records moved from portland maine to portland oregon, and that seemed to be the moment do some more song-writing, hometaping, and making new zines. keep an eye on her. e-mail homepage

And than we have  Bingo trappers, the infamous masters of dutch lofi. after all these years, they finally seem to get the attention they deserve. after the release of heir album on animal world, they toured the us, and at the same time, they released a tape in morc's soup vs. potatoes series. we still have copies of that one, and i should really recommend you to buy this one as well... homepage e-mail

We're also extremely proud to have  Fuck on this compilation. These heores of american indiepop handed in a track from their rare 'baby loves a funny bunny' album (the one wrapped in a matchbox) After all these years, we still cant get enough of the track '22 no'. a sing-along for the entire family. Every decent karaoke bar should have it on its repertoire. homepage e-mail

Rabbit in Red is one of the best boy-meets-girl popbands around. their track 'angel' was recorded live at a morc evening in ghent, during the first european tour of the band. This track shows that, even stripped down to the very core, rabbit in red tracks have a very refreshing sound. tip! e-mail

Thriller is the solo-project of Andreas Oberschelp, who played in lots of ok math-rock bands. but his solo-output is just great. 'Hide and sleep' is the debut of this german tourmanager. references? think of the bristolsound and the german Hausmusik scene. e-mail

Shy rights movement arose from the ashes of Richie Cunningham, right from the scottish highlands. On this track, SRM is Mark + Stephen. Just as intimate as always. homepage e-mail

A boy named Thor is in fact Jason Corace. This track reminded us a lot of his live appearances, during which he only uses his acoustic guitar and his voice. 'Three in a bed' goes beyond the regular singer-songwriter structure. very talented guy, amazing track. I wonder how long it will take before this track will be recognized as best song of the 21st century.  homepage e-mail

Breezr  is a collaboration of Tine Boerjan (1m54) and Lobke Dhespeel (loobke, mote) only a piano, melodica and vocals, which makes the song very fragile. recorded when breezr was performing live in lauwe, supporting movietone and crescent e-mail

The ordinary seaman is Filip Gheysen, the man who also runs glasvocht records. The ordinary seaman released tons of stuff, including collaborations with wio and köhn. his track on this compilation is definately amongst his best output yet. If you like this one, do give a listen to his morctape: 'turning mad' e-mail homepage

Minmae comes from the Robotech character of the same name, who is a quasi-princess singer on the superstructure/space city Macross. This space princess who could warm hearts with her seraphic voice as the citizens of Macross fought off space aliens and simultaneously dealt with their salient emotions. I guess the same goes for the band, in some way. Just skip the aliens part, and enjoy the piano track. And check his tape 'since before inertia' at the same time... homepage e-mail

Zent one  is normally a guitar-piano/cello duo, but on this track, you'll only hear the guitarsounds. definately one of the most underestimated belgian bands around. in case you dont have it yet, buy their debut tape mummer homepage e-mail

Circle Brothers  comes up with a track that is even more stripped down than the 'bitter dream ' tape. only two guitar layers remain. very short track as well, you can see it a sample of the latest steps in the evolution of circle brothers.   homepage e-mail

The compilation has a very exclusive collaboration on it: Gang wizard with wio The mysterious californian noise-rockers do some sort of battle with wio, and the result is magical. more laidback than we're used of gang wizard, and more hectic than a regular wio-track, fully instrumental and very epical. homepage e-mail

You probably know  Larz from his solo output on bbptc, and his work with psychon troopers and psychon mist (of whom we still have the tape 'fompas' for sale)  recordings at home. Forget these references. this is the new larz, completely electronic. good for a very weird dance-party! homepage e-mail

Persons are the ones to end the cd. when the energetic 'people like us are like black holes' is over, you're ready to push the play button again. and start again, from in6. homepage e-mail